What Makes a Vacation Home Better Than Staying in a Hotel?

Travel has always been a thriving industry, and vacation homes are a recent trend that has emerged to cater to discerning travelers. People are now more interested in high-quality accommodation, and gone are the days where booking a hotel was the only option.

But are vacation rentals worth the hype and how do they compare to staying in a hotel? In this article, we explore why anyone would consider a vacation home instead of a hotel when planning a trip.

Provides Greater Flexibility When Planning a Vacation

Generally, people like having options, more so when they are on vacation and traveling. As mentioned, hotels might have previously been the go-to option, but as more and more vacation homes come on the market, guests now prefer this new option. It’s not hard to see why. Vacation homes usually have great locations and most are well-stocked and close to amenities. On the other hand, hotels don’t have many location options and this might be an inconvenience.

Offer More Privacy

Typically, in a hotel, guests share the building with hundreds of other travelers, so the level of privacy might not be ideal for others. Hotels also have shared amenities, such as pools, gyms, and eating areas. In comparison, the level of privacy that vacation homes offer to guests is unmatched. Renting a home means guests usually have the place all to themselves and they are able to unwind without being disturbed by outsiders.

Enables Better Interaction With Locals

Rental homes provide the feeling of being home while on vacation. They are usually set in an environment where guests can easily bump shoulders with the locals. This allows travelers to truly immerse themselves in the culture of an area, which improves the vacation experience.

As you can see, there are many reasons why someone would choose a vacation home, instead of a hotel. The vacation rental industry is booming more than ever. Once you purchase an Orlando investment home, you can start generating income by providing your guests with the home-away-from-home experience they are seeking.

The good news is, an Orlando investment home doesn’t come with many hassles. About 34% of recent new-home buyers have no intention of dealing with renovations or plumbing and electricity problems, according to the National Association of Realtors. If you’re among this population, then an Orlando investment home is perfect for you! Call us and we will discuss your options, so you can get the best ROI on any decision you make.