What Are the Benefits of Buying a Vacation Home Near Disney?

Walt Disney World is a family-favorite vacation destination, especially with all that Orlando has to offer. However, trips to Disney World aren’t exactly budget-friendly. Regular trips can cost a pretty penny when you’re also spending money on transportation and hotel fees.

Investing in one of the many vacation homes for sale near Disney World, Universal, and Sea World is a great way to have plenty of fun with the family without throwing your money away.

What Makes a Vacation Home a Smart Choice?

Vacation homes for sale near Disney aren’t just a great choice because they’re close to one of the top amusement parks in the world. They also offer plenty of cost savings. Instead of paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars on hotel costs, you can instead pay a mortgage on a vacation home that can actually build equity. With a vacation home, you can stay as long as you like and “check out” whenever you like, too.

What’s more, vacation homes also make for great Orlando investment homes. Once your kids are grown up and vacationing at Disney World isn’t as commonplace as it used to be, you can sell your vacation home and get a serious return on investment. You may even choose to rent out your vacation home while it’s not in use as a means of passive income.

What Are Your Vacation Home Goals?

Every family has different needs and wants when it comes to a vacation home. That’s why the new home builders of Arisha Enclave offer both move-in ready homes and homes under construction that you can customize to make your own. Quality construction features our Orlando investment homes offer include reinforced concrete block construction, slab and foundation, engineered truss systems, insulated glass windows and doors, and more. Even our windows are capable of deflecting 71% of solar radiation, an essential feature in sunny Orlando. Other add-ons include double-paned windows, HVAC systems, heat-reflective roofs, sensor-operated faucets, and energy-efficient refrigerators, dishwashers, and stoves.

According to the National Association of Realtors, approximately 35% of people investing in a property don’t want to deal with problems with plumbing or electrical issues. That’s why our new home builders at Arisha Enclose make sure our Orlando investment homes are built to last. To learn more about our move-in ready properties or new construction homes, contact us today.